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Flashback to Easter

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Sunday Funny

Dorothy took a look at her cartoon character bike helmet, inside and out, and said, "The inside is not cute at all."

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The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy's audio book mentioned a boysenberry, and she asked me what it was.  Then she asked, "Is there a girlsenberry?"

Dorothy has imaginary willpower that kicks in after two days:  if she wants something, like toys in bed, and I say no, she says, "I just want them tonight, and I want them tomorrow night, and after that I don't want them."

We made a noise shaker by putting beans and rice into a container and taping the top closed.  When Brian came home, Dorothy was eager to show it to him.  She said, "Guess what we put inside.  I'll give you a clue.  It's something that's lines and dots."

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The Sunday Funnies

Sarah:  What would you do if the Wicked Witch was after you?
Dorothy:  I'd throw something sharp at her.
Sarah:  Really?  I'd throw water at her.
Dorothy:  I'd throw a knife at her.

Dorothy's swim teacher suggested that I get her a nose plug.  Dorothy asked, "Is it like a pacifier, but with two bumps?"

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The Sunday Funnies

We were driving to swim lessons at the YMCA, and I started singing "YMCA".  Dorothy asked, "Did you make that song up?"

Dorothy snapped a plastic egg together and it pinched her finger.  "It bit me!" she said.

I have a swimsuit which I like just fine except for some ugly silver beads on the straps which I ignore.  Dorothy was upset that we went to swim lessons and I didn't dress for the occasion.  I told her, "Next time, you can remind me to wear my swimsuit."  She said, "Your swimsuit it beautiful.  It has those beautiful silver beads."

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The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy was in the shopping cart and we passed a section of workout clothes.  She liked the shiny one that looked like a mermaid to her.  Then we walked by the lingerie section. She pointed to one and said, "I like that one."  I said, "Oh?"  She said, "It looks like an angel."

Dorothy:  I need socks with these shoes because they give me splinters.

I dropped Dorothy off at school and said, "We'll play together when you get home.  What do you want to play?"
She mouthed, "Elsa-Anna."
I said, "Elsa-Anna?"
She said, "Yes.  That's why I was shaping the words with my mouth."

I gave Dorothy two bowls of cereal:  Cheerios and Lucky Charms.  She said, "It's funny that they are both Chex Mix but one has treats in it!"

Dorothy and I were riding in the car and I took an apple out of my bag.
"Let me take three bites first," I said, "Then you can have it."
I took three bites, passed her the apple, and she ate some of it.  Then she said, "I'm finished," and handed it back to me.
I started to eat the apple again, and she interrupted, "No!  I want the rest, but later."

Sarah:  What did you do at school today?
Dorothy:  We dug for dinosaur bones.  At school we do dinosaurs a lot.

Dorothy:  In the middle of the night, will you check on me, and if I'm not tucked in, will you tuck me in?  And I like to be tucked up to my shoulders, not my chin.

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The Sunday Funnies

I offered Dorothy a waffle cut into strips.  She said, "I want a big circle waffle with a big circle ploop."  That's shorthand for syrup, I guess.

I'll be sad when Dorothy stops saying "Yet me sow you sumpin'" and starts to say "Let me show you something."

I told Dorothy that sometimes I hear sirens from firetrucks pass our house.  She said that she does not hear them.
I said, "The next time I hear one, I will point it out to you."
She said, "How can you point out a sound?"

Dorothy was sleeping soundly and I went into her room to wake her.  She stirred and yawned and said, "I stayed awake all night."  I assumed sleepy confusion and I said, "I know, you slept all night long!"  She said, "No.  I stayed awake all night long."

We read a Beauty and the Beast story, and Dorothy got excited about the little teacup and said, "Chip couldn't go to sleep because his music box was broken, and I couldn't go to sleep because I don't like to sleep!"

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The Sunday Funnies

I was meeting someone and we were introducing ourselves and chit-chatting for a while.  Dorothy pulled my hand and whispered in my ear, "Say something about me."

We love the book Blueberries for Sal.  We picked blueberries from our own bushes and Dorothy dropped them into her own tin pail.  The she asked, "Why does little Sal's blueberries go 'kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk', but mine only go "kuplunk, kuplunk, kuplunk?"

Dorothy asked me questions about spit.  I gave a long, on-the-spot, probably made-up answer.  She responded, "How do you know so much about bodies?"

Dorothy did something wrong and I told her, "I don't think so, Mister."  She replied, "You mean 'Misses'."

I'll be sorry when Dorothy stops saying "exposed to" when she means "supposed to".

Friday, June 1, 2018

Blue pigtails time

I used a blue hairspray on Dorothy just for fun.  She admired herself in the mirror, pointed her finger at the part in her hair, and said, "Look, you kind of sprayed my spine."

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The Sunday Funnies: "The Princess and the Frog" Edition

I was tucking Dorothy into bed, and I asked her, "What will you think about while you're going to sleep?"
"Princess stories," she replied.
"Do you know what princesses think about while they're going to sleep?  They think about Dorothy Dean in Savannah."
"Really?" she asked.
"I'm just joking," I said.
"What do they really think about?"
"They think about Prince Charming, I guess."
"Well," said Dorothy, "one thinks about opening a restaurant, and the rest think about Prince Charming."

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