Tuesday, March 20, 2018

First day of spring

Free cone at DQ!

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy, to Sarah:  Were you talking to yourself?  Usually you talk to me.

Putting on new pants:  These pants have pockets in the back?!  To put my phones in?!

Brian likes to remind Dorothy that the two of them are Italian; usually this happens at dinner over olive oil, pasta, and other Italian fare.  With St. Patrick's Day coming, he mentioned that they are also Irish.  She has food and ethnicity swirling around her head, and when I mentioned St. Patrick's Day, she let me know, "Daddy and me are Irish.  Grandpa is Irish.  You are vegetarian."

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The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy likes to refer to the present as "now these days", as in "I like yogurt now these days."

Big Daddy was reading an enormous Frozen book to Dorothy (one of those hard-backed giant books with no detail left out).  After nearly 30 minutes reading at the kitchen table, Dorothy said, "This chair is making me uncomfortable.  Let's move to the couch with the book and start over."

Dorothy and I went to an appliance parts store to buy a dryer drum belt; ours had snapped and Brian was going to fix it.  Later I told Brian, "We went to the store and bought the replacement."  Dorothy added, "And a belt."

I took out my driver's license at a store and Dorothy announced, "Your Sarah card!"

Dorothy jumped from the couch to the chair, knocked off the remote control, and the back popped off it.  I rushed over to check out the scene and Dorothy asked, "Was that too much for you?"

I wrote the year (2018) and Dorothy said, "It's almost our neighborhood" (1802 Bacon Park Drive).

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Pajama day at school

This is the picture she wanted me to take.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

New Friends

Dorothy was promoted to Miss Jill's class at her school.  The school isn't big on class lists, but according to her Valentines, here are the trendy names of her new classmates.  I've included the Social Security Administration's ranking of the name's popularity in 2014.

Jace: 68
Aster: not in top 1000
Ellana:  not in top 1000
Belia:  not in top 1000
LJ: not in top 1000
Ryleigh: 188
Henry: 33
Charli: 612
Nicholas: 57
Rye: not in top 1000

Dorothy's name rose in popularity from 729 in 2014 to 652 in 2016.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy and I were looking closely at a penny.
Me:  What is on the front?
Dorothy:  A head and a body.
Me:  What is on the back?
Dorothy:  A tail.  A train.

Dorothy:  When you were a little girl did you used to play Anna and Elsa with Aunt Mary Beth?

Dorothy:  I did something.
Me:  No response.
Dorothy:  You say, "What did you do?"

Dorothy collected all the checker pieces in her hands and asked, "Mom, can I throw these?"  I said, "If you pick them up, yes, you can throw them."  She said, "I already picked them up."

Dorothy walked into the living room fresh from bed, with messy hair and sleepy eyes, and her first words were, "Can you wash sheets?"

We were playing doctor with Dorothy's dolls.  The baby doll was hurt because she didn't wear her helmet and she fell off her bike; I was fussing at the mama doll and saying it was her job to make sure that her baby wears a helmet.  Dorothy, playing the part of the doll mom, replied, "I was just too busy on my computer I didn't notice."

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A fun day with family

Daniel, Valerie, Alina, & Baby Captain EO visited Savannah.  We enjoyed Oatland Island, Screamin' Mimi's pizza, and a scouting trip to Babies R Us.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy:  Can I bring nachos for show-&-tell on Friday?

Dorothy was mad at me and said, "I'm going to hit you."  I feigned shock.  So she dialed it back:  "I'm going to put something on you.  Something that rolls.  It's boogers."

Of her new friends in Miss Jill's class:  At school there is a sister, and somebody who owns a sister.  They're twins.

I was choosing Dorothy's clothes for the day.
Sarah:  Isn't the weather funny?  Yesterday you were wearing a sweatsuit and today you are wearing a t-shirt and shorts.
Dorothy:  What was I wearing yesterday?
Sarah:  Oh, do you know that when you wear a sweatshirt together with sweatpants, you can call it a sweatsuit?
Dorothy:  And what do you call wearing a t-shirt and shorts together?

Dorothy received a valentine with something in a package shaped like a llama.
Sarah:  I'm not sure whether it is a candy or a toy.
Dorothy:  I will have to taste it to find out.

Dorothy, unprompted, at dinner:  Dad, I had 3 meltdowns today.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

And just like that, we're famous!

Link to Steve Hartman's "On the Road":  https://youtu.be/en51O6PpyLI

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The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy said she wanted to throw a walnut up into the tree to land in a squirrel's nest.  I said, "What if there are baby squirrels in the nest and the walnut hits one on the head?"  Dorothy quickly answered, "Baby squirrels don't cry."

Brian & I were watching a retrospective on 80s television.  Far into the program, When a Man Loves a Woman started playing and Kevin Arnold & Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years kissed.  Dorothy leaned over to me and whispered, "I like that part."

Before going to visit Oatland Island, a nature center, Dorothy asked, "Can you please let me be naked at Oatland Island because that's what the animals do?"

Aunt Fran mailed Dorothy a few play kitchen items along with a note explaining that her grandkids had outgrown their beloved play kitchen, and that she had donated it to a local child care center.  Dorothy pondered this as we played with the toys in her own toy kitchen, and then asked me, "Mom, when you outgrow this kitchen, will you not give it away and just let me play with it by myself?"

Grandma mailed Dorothy a valentine, and wrote her name in cursive.  Dorothy wanted to know why "Jane" started with a "Bb".  I explained that the letters were in cursive, and that later I would write cursive letters for her to see.  She said, "And I want cursive numbers."

Friday, February 9, 2018

Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Sunday Funnies

I mentioned that I was getting older (happy birthday to me); Dorothy said, "But I want you to stay alive."

Dorothy likes to make "deals" that aren't really deals, as in, "Tomorrow I want you to sew this hole.  Deal?"

She also refers to things that happened (or didn't) in "the olden days".

A few times this weekend, she has picked up her story with "As I was saying..."

I mentioned that her neighbor friends take music lessons, and she told me, "When I get older I do not want to go to school, I want to go to music."

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The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy understands that she must go to sleep in her own bed, but if she wakes up in the middle of the night, we let her come into our bed.  At bedtime she told Brian, "It's so hard to sleep when I'm waiting for the middle of the night."

Dorothy woke up in the middle of the night:  I had a scary dream.
Sarah:  Oh, I'm sorry.
Dorothy, sleepily:  And it's still happening!
Sarah:  What is it about?
Dorothy:  Pants that are walking.

Dorothy listens to my GPS when I have it on for directions.  She comments on the names of the streets, etc.  Last night, when we got where we were going, she said, "Uh!  It says our destination is on the left.  But I wanted our destination to be on the right."

Sarah:  Let's go home and eat dinner, take a bath, and go to bed.
Dorothy:  Let's go home and rest, read books, and play Elsa-Anna.

At school Dorothy was pretending that the large mound of sand was Elsa's ice castle.  She told me, "It wasn't really an ice castle because it didn't have any frozen fractals."

Dorothy noticed a dress that I had not yet put away after a wedding last weekend; it is sequined from top-to-bottom.  Dorothy said, "I love this."  She was gently rubbing her hand on the fabric.  "I really love this," she said.  "Do you have a kid one of these?"

Dorothy has a poster on her wall that is busy with Disney characters.  She was upset and did not want to go to bed; when I peeked in on her, she said, "I was crying and looking at this picture."  I said, "That's good."  She said, "No, I was crying and looking at the picture."  I said, "Yes, there's lots to look at on that picture.  All those characters."  She said, "No, I was CRYING and looking at the picture!"

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