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The loving couple

photo by Clare Winter Diamond

Monday, June 19, 2017


Congratulations to Claire (Morgan) & Jeff Anderson!
Sarah's cousin got married in Atlanta on June 17.
Family after rehearsal
Grace (Maid of Honor) gave a toast at the rehearsal dinner
Aunt Melanie made the beautiful wedding cake
Dorothy wore the inverse dress of the flower girl!
The happy couple
At the reception
Maggie at the reception
Dorothy & Gracie
Photo booth fun

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The Sunday Funnies

Sarah:  Oh, your cup broke a little when you dropped it.
Dorothy:  Maybe put some cream and a band-aid on it.

Sarah:  What was that sound?  Oh, no!  You tore the page of the book?  We don't tear pages of books!  Gram gave you that book.  What would she say if she knew you did that?
Dorothy (with wide eyes):  Hide it.  Hide it.  Hide it.

Sarah:  You can put on two different, mis-matched socks for fun.
Dorothy (puts on socks):  Look!  I made a mix-match!

Dorothy was wrapping her Toto stuffed dog in a blanket and presenting it to Mom as a gift:  You'll never guess what's in here.
Sarah:  Let's wiggles, and it barks, and it pants...
Dorothy:  No, it's a dog.  It doesn't wear pants.

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The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy walked in the room to see me balling-up the Play-doh spaghetti she had made in her fun factory:
No!  Don't make the spaghetti round and round!

Dorothy, pointing to a picture of a puppy in a book:  I named him "Noodle".
Mom:  Noodle, that's cute.  Why did you name him Noodle?
Dorothy:  Because he didn't have a name.

Running down the street with her hair blowing behind her:  Hey, my hair is following me!

Touching Brian's face:  Daddy, you need to shave your cheeks.

Brian, to Sarah:  Did you see I bought a pizza at the grocery store?
Sarah, to Dorothy:  If you come wash your hands, you can have some of these grapes.
Dorothy:  But Daddy said I could eat a crispy pizza now with my dirty hands.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Wedding weekend Sunday

Coffee in Mom & Dad's backyard (bird on an antenna)
Dorothy Jane & Mary Claire in the sandbox
On the way to the sandbox:  Video
Dorothy Jane at the dollhouse
Cousins Mary Claire, Dorothy Jane, & Emmaline
Bridal shower for sisters Grace & Claire