Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy looked at the labels on three bottles of bubble soap and sniffed them all.  She noted correctly of the pink one, "This one smells like bubblegum."  Then she followed-up about the green:  "This one smells like turtles."  And the blue:  "This one smells like octopuses."

We have two copies of the book Read to your Bunny, and I suggested that Dorothy sit on my lap with a doll, and I could read to my bunny, and she could read to hers.  She got a doll and the books, climbed up on my lap, and then asked, "Where is your bunny?"

We're trying to help Dorothy learn not to cry so easily when playing with other kids.  We went to a birthday party and I explained that it was a "no-crying party".  A little into the party, she spilled her drink, and looked at me and said, "That's okay.  The party is all fun."

Dorothy has had a cough, and I was trying to find out how else she was feeling.  I asked Dorothy if it hurt when she coughed; she said yes.  I asked where it hurts; she said, "My mouth."

Dorothy was watching a Tinkerbell movie when she turned to me and announced, "Mama, did you know that Tinkerbell knows how to use sharp scissors?"

At Target:
Sarah:  Look!  These are the same shoes that we bought for you.
Dorothy:  But they have a different number on them.

We had a two-day cold snap and I put thick pants on Dorothy for the first time in her memory.  She couldn't get them off; they were stuck around her ankles.  She fussed, "You put pants on me that don't want to come off!"

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

A tisket...

...a tasket
a green and yellow basket
i wrote a letter to my love
on the way i dropped it

let's sing another one

i dropped it
i don't know why i dropped it
i dropped it
i dropped it
she dropped it
the little girl dropped it


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Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Sunday Funnies

Gram & Big Daddy visited this week and gave Dorothy a few souvenirs from their trip.  Dorothy said, "That's surprising to get a present in October."

Dorothy:  Please pick me up and fly me.
Sarah:  I'm not strong enough to do that.
Dorothy:  Please do it anyway.

Sarah:  What did you dream last night?
Dorothy:  I dreamed that you had eight babies.
Sarah:  What would I do with eight babies?
Dorothy:  Put them in three cribs.

We received two packages from Amazon addressed to Dorothy.  One was a book from Uncle Daniel & Aunt Valerie.  Dorothy opened the second box, and inside it was a surge protector plug.  She looked at it, looked at me, and said, "Oh.  It's for you."

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Sunday Funnies

When Grandma and Grandpa came to visit last week, Grandma announced, "We have a few presents for you in the car."  Dorothy looked at Mom and said, "It's just like we thought!"

Grandma taught Dorothy to play a drawing game:  draw a few similar objects and then ask the other person questions about your drawing.  Dorothy drew three pumpkins and asked the following questions:
Which pumpkin has a long tail?
Which pumpkin has a short tail?
Which pumpkin has just a butt?

Our washing machine has been giving us some trouble, and Dorothy is somewhat aware of this.  She watched me move the laundry to the dryer, and asked, "Are you trying the other washing machine?"

Sarah:  Ok, it looks like you have everything you need for bed:  a water, 1 flamingo, 1 butterfly, 5 babies, 2 cats.
Dorothy:  One baby is missing.

Dorothy woke up and noted, "My pillow made my cheek wet again."

Dad:  Get a hand towel and wipe your hands off and wipe your mouth off.
Dorothy:  Do you mean wipe the yogurt off my hands and face?  You can't wipe your hands off.

Parents Magazine had Savannah Guthrie (of The Today Show) and her children on the cover, and I told Dorothy, "She was pregnant at the same time I was, so that little girl is your age."  Dorothy asked, "Did I play with her a lot of times?"

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Bees away!

And happy birthday cousin Erik!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Mama had a Bachelorette Weekend

Thanks a million to Grandma and Grandpa for traveling from Chicago to celebrate Dorothy's birthday and baby-sit all weekend!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy and I made pretend s'mores over a pretend campfire, and tasted each other's s'mores.  I said, "Yours tastes even better than mine," and she said, "That's because I put salt on it."

Dorothy finished eating Craisins, and asked, "Can I have some more...craspberries?"

I saw Dorothy playing with a little girl at school, and after school I asked Dorothy what the little girl's name was.  She said, "She doesn't have a name."

A Disney Princess cd was playing in my car; when a new song came on, Dorothy asked, "What girl is singing this one, Mama?"

I asked Dorothy, "What did you do at school today?"  Then she asked me, "What did you do while I was at school today?"

Once again referencing Sour Patch Kids, Dorothy mentioned "Cabbage Patch Spicy Things".

(Happy birthday, Gram!)

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The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy:  My big toe is on a different place on my other foot.

Dorothy has Peppa Pig socks, which she was putting on inside-out:  It does fluffy Peppa Pig and no plain Peppa Pig!

Dorothy:  Can I open presents today?**
Sarah:  I think you already opened all of your presents.**
Dorothy:  Can I play with my already presents?

Waking up on the day after her birthday:**
Sarah:  Good morning, three-year-old!**
Dorothy:  I'm not three years old.  It's another day.

Dorothy was setting-up a board game, and she handed me the instructions sheet and said, "Here is the table of contents."

Dorothy opened a sweet birthday card from her Aunt Jean, which had a pastel, smiley bumblebee on the cover holding a birthday flower.  Dorothy opened it and announced, "It has some sort of bug on it."

There is a new girl in Dorothy's class named Brynn, and Dorothy talks about her.  Today she said, "Brynn and I saw something on the floor in the classroom.  We didn't know what it was so we went over to check it out.  We thought it was food."**
Me:  "What was it?"**
Dorothy:  "It was something that fell off of a band-aid."**
Me:  "Was it a band-aid wrapper?"**
Dorothy:  "Yes.  Brynn ate it."**
[Me = surprised face]**
Dorothy:  "It's okay!  Brynn is just a baby, so it's okay."**
Me:  "Did she just lick it, or eat it and swallow it?"**
Dorothy:  "She ate it.  But it's okay!  She is just a baby."

Dorothy brought a small mermaid toy for show-and-tell at school.  Afterwards, she told us:
"I brought a mermaid with no name, and another girl brought a mermaid, too.  The teacher said, 'Is her name Ariel?'  AND IT WAS!"

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My how you've grown

Aunt Mary Beth gave Dorothy Jane this durable birthday hat that she can wear each year!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dorothy's 3rd Birthday Party

Making the cake
Friends in the park...

Concern over the wind and the flames
Dorothy had a slice of cake
And a "decorate-your-own cupcake"
After the party

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Happy 3rd birthday, Dorothy Jane!

And to my birthday buddy, Uncle Patrick, who turns thirty-something today.