Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Sunday Funnies

Looking at a caution sign with an icon:**
Mom:  That says, "Be careful driving!  There are kids on the playground."**
Dorothy:  Where are the words?

Looking at a scale:**
Dorothy:  What time it is?

Watching Dirty Dancing on Sarah's birthday; romantic scene**
Dorothy:  What are they doing?**
Mom:  They are dancing.**
Dorothy:  With their eyes closed.

Dad:  Do you know how to spell "bee"?  B-E-E**
Dorothy:  B - hee - hee

Making footprints in the sand:**
Mom:  My shoes have dots on the bottom.  What do yours have?**
Dorothy:  (Dragging her feet)  Mine are lines.

Making cookies:**
Dorothy, about the measuring cup of sugar:  Can I lean it in?

Things Dorothy likes to pretend to be:**
A baby**
Baby Jesus**
Baby bird**
Baby alligator**
Baby koala

Context: Earlier in the day Dorothy and Mom buy bleach for dad to clean the house.  Later in the day a beach ball randomly blows up on our yard.**
Scene: Front yard**
Players: Dad, Dorothy, Neighbor on bicycle with 2 year-old**
Neighbor: Hey there! Are you playing with your beach ball?**
Dorothy: No, Bleach ball.**
Neighbor: That's cute. We should get a beach ball, what do you think, son?**
Dorothy: No, bleach ball.**
Brian: You know, eariler in the day, she bought bleach, and...never mind...