Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Sunday Funnies

Dorothy walked in the room to see me balling-up the Play-doh spaghetti she had made in her fun factory:**
No!  Don't make the spaghetti round and round!

Dorothy, pointing to a picture of a puppy in a book:  I named him "Noodle".**
Mom:  Noodle, that's cute.  Why did you name him Noodle?**
Dorothy:  Because he didn't have a name.

Running down the street with her hair blowing behind her:  Hey, my hair is following me!

Touching Brian's face:  Daddy, you need to shave your cheeks.

Brian, to Sarah:  Did you see I bought a pizza at the grocery store?**
Sarah, to Dorothy:  If you come wash your hands, you can have some of these grapes.**
Dorothy:  But Daddy said I could eat a crispy pizza now with my dirty hands.