Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Sunday Funnies

We were playing doctor, and I asked Dorothy a few questions, followed by "What brings you here today?"  She replied, "Mama's car."

I said, "Uncle Daniel, Aunt Valerie, and Cousin Alina are coming over tonight, and we will give them their presents."  Dorothy looked at me and slowly asked, "Exchange presents?"

I asked Dorothy what kind of pizza they served at the school party.  She said, "plain pizza".

Dorothy was noticing that I had called a particular piece of bread "a roll" one day, and "a bun" the next.  When I offered her a bun, she asked, "A bun, or [thinking pause] a ball?"

Grace asked Dorothy what her favorite breakfast food is.  Grace's favorite is pancakes.  Dorothy told her, "Pancakes are a night food."

Dorothy woke me in the morning and started talking about the morning, and light coming through the window, and eating a chocolate from her advent calendar, and her dream, and on and on.  I was less than responsive and might have even put a pillow on my head.  Then she told me, "I'm going to go talk to Daddy."

I asked Dorothy if she knew where her pajamas were.  She said, "They're in the washing machine.  Actually, they're in the drying machine."

Dorothy was watching a Tinkerbell fairy movie and told me, "Mama, did you know that fairies can walk by flying?"

Dorothy asked me when my birthday was.  I told her February 4.  Then she asked, "But when was your kid birthday?"